July 26 - August 28, 2015 Tamara Jaeger: Master Juggler

Join us to celebrate 25 years of representing Tamara Jaeger. Her quirkily inventive, wry and resonate wooden assemblages are among Ohioís aesthetic treasures.
September 18 - October 30, 2015 Conception and Reduction:
Recent Landscapes by Eric Barth

Ericís subtle control of the oil pastel medium, from his depiction of ethereal passages, such as Pushing the Morning Down, to his emotionally charged, scraped and incised abstracted works, such as Barricades, is remarkable. The artist continues to press the boundaries of the representation of nature in the direction of an abstracted distillation of forms that, nevertheless, has a true sense of place, time of day, and season.

There is a meditative quality that is evident in his art that has affinities with such late 19th century Tonalists and Barbizon artists as James Whistler and Camille Corot, as expressed in Pushing the Morning Down and Reduced. Works such as Copse, have a reductive physicality which relates to the work of Gerhard Richter. These inventive pastels are sensitive, personal statements that transcend representation.

  Line and the Landscape:
Recent Drawings by Marc Lincewicz

The range of Marcís mastery of line, tone, texture, and washes, as well as the paper itself, is extraordinary. His aesthetic vocabulary continues to grow with each exhibition of his unique drawings. The spongey density of the foliage in Thereís Something There is contrasted with the inky, dark tones punctuated by the stark bare paper in Light before Dawn. The artistís quirky playful use of line in The Little Town is very different than his attenuated, elegiac lines in Stillness. The spectrum of emotion expressed in these drawings is broad, as well. The haunting, iconic, brooding quality in the drawing, Of Places Both Fond and Familiar, versus the delicate, playful, animated quality of Quietly Awaiting Spring demonstrates the variation of moods which are expressed in his work.

Marcís command of ďmark-makingĒ with ink and his ethereal handling of washes is akin to such 19th century artists as Samuel Palmer and Odilon Redon, as well as 20th century drawing masters, such as Charles Burchfield and James Castle. Yet, his drawings have their own personal poetry that subtly engages the viewer and remains enigmatic.

Marc was recently recognized with a Second Place Prize at the rigorously juried Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition. One of the two jurors was Janice Driesbach, the well-informed curator of the Akron Art Museum.


Willard Reader: Landscapes and Townscapes
(Second floor)

We are pleased to announce our representation of Willard Reader. We are presenting his paintings and watercolors for the first time at our gallery. He has long been recognized in southern Ohio for his exquisitely crafted and quietly evocative portrayals of the Portsmouth urbanscape and the southern Ohio landscape. His works are realistically rendered and yet reductively composed. Willís work has been recognized the by Southern Ohio Museum, which has had two exhibitions of his art. His work was also recently included in two significant exhibitions at the Ohio Arts Councilís Riffe Gallery, entitled The Urban Landscape: A Tale of Grandeur and Abandonment and A Century of Ohio Watercolor, which traveled to the Southern Ohio Museum, as well.

November 6 - December 30, 2015 James Thurber: The Art of Humor

Exhibitions on view outside the gallery:

September 2, 2015 -
January 17, 2016
Authentic Narrativse:
Ohio's Regionalists (1915-1950)

at the Springfield Museum of Art


*Please note schedule is subject to change. 



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