Tamara Jaeger

Contemporary American Sculpture and Painting

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Guitar Player with Blue Shirt

African King #2

Guitar Player with Braid

Parisian Juggler *

Flowers Kimono with Fan

Heart Guitar *

Moon Girl *

With Bird in Garden

Street Musicians

Lady with Bird in Window

Spanish Woman

Man with Goatee

Nepalese Boy

Orange Beak Bird


African Man with Striped Shirt

Klee Bird

Oiseau avec Orange Pieds

Striped Bird *

Totemic Bird

White Dot Bird

Black Crest Bird

Green and Black Beak Bird

The Spaniard

Flying *


Paris Series #78

Deer with Antlers

Paris Series #14

Tamara continues to explore the imaginative possibilities of the orchestration of paint and found wood. Her works have an aesthetic complexity and wry wit that belie her humble materials and her quiet persona.

The artist has won grants from the Greater Columbus Arts Council and the Ohio Arts Council. She has also won several rigorously juried awards for her work outside the state of Ohio.

Her work was selected for a one person exhibition at the Canton Museum of Art in 2006.

-Timothy C. Keny

". . .the colorful shapes and uncluttered lines in Jaeger's work give her creations a sense of whimsy that softens the solitary nature of the figures. . .

Particularly notable are the figures in kimonos, whose kneeling postures give the sculptures a certain grace and delicacy. . ."
-Molly Youngkin, Dialogue, 1996

Artist's Statement

The materials I use are found wood and wood I have painted myself. The assemblages are meant to suggest. I am more interested in a hint at something than in its precise representation. I use posture, gesture, pattern, and color to convey feeling and create singular personalities. I enjoy placing people in the context of an environment: in a restaurant, in a crowd, at a concert, playing a guitar or holding an umbrella. I try to create a beautiful space with a feeling of stillness.

Tamara Jaeger earned the B.A. degree from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York, and the M.F.A. degree from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Her sophisticated, yet innocent, works of art engage the viewer. The sustaining attributes of her assemblages, many large in size, are her excellent utilization of textures, color harmonies, and cultural iconography that instill her work with the true aura of the cultures she portrays. Each painted wood sculpture conveys a personage imbued with meditative spirituality.
Jaeger has recently begun a series of paintings which are based on her observations of, and reactions to sites, some known locally to areas around Columbus. Her abstracted treatment of the landscape is evocative of locale, yet universal in feeling. Her sense of color and texture seen in her large assemblages translates beautifully in these compelling and intimate paintings.
Curators and Directors of the following institutions have chosen Tamara's work for awards and/or for inclusion in juried exhibitions and competitions:

Cincinnati Art Museum, Ohio
Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio
Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, New York
Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Indiana
Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana Smithsonian Institution, Enwick Gallery
Ohio Art League
Ohio State Fair
The Speed Art Museum, Kentucky
Southern Ohio Museum
Springfield Museum of Art, Ohio
Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio
Walker Art Center and Minneapolis Sculpture Garden


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