Michael McEwan (b. 1956)

Contemporary American Painting

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Route 40 West

Crisp Day/Alexandria 

Scioto River/Afternoon

Pink Cloud/Granville

Granville Vista #2

Scioto River/Winter Morning




October 2016 Super Moon

North Star Road/Waterman Pasture

Crystal Beach/Afternoon

River Shadows

Snow in the Alley

Olentangy River/Hard Rd. Bridge

Compline/House Series (Evening, Summer)

Figure by Window

Dancing Light/Olentangy River

Morning, River Park

Sunset in Early Fall

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Michael McEwan's beautiful and evocative color harmonies, rich and vital brushwork, subtle command of the nuances of light, and sophisticated compositions distinguish his art. His paintings and works on paper demonstrate his mastery and knowledge of painting -- its history, methods and materials. He is equally adept in a variety of media: oil, acrylic, watercolor and pastel.

Michael's vibrant "bravura" paint handling and keen awareness of decorative geometric possibilities inherent in the picture plane link his work with the contemporary art world's emphasis on "mark-making," structure and abstractions. Yet his historic, traditional bond with nature and reality blend his art with the 19th century landscape tradition.

Michael's subject matter remains principally of landscapes, namely: light-infused Ohio riverscapes, bucolic rural pastoral views, expansive marsh vistas along the Maryland shore. However, his paintings are evolving toward more muted tones, which nevertheless have a resonant vitality. The artist masterfully captures specific times and places, while transcending those depictions, to create visual poems about man's relationship with nature.

Michael has participated in exhibitions such as: The Butler Institute of American Art "Midyear/Annual Exhibition," Youngstown, Ohio; "Realism Today," Evansville Museum of Arts and Sciences, Evansville, Indiana; "Realism 90," and "Realism 92," Parkersburg Art Center, Parkersburg, West Virginia. Michael has had many solo exhibitions in institutions and galleries in Columbus, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Knoxville, San Diego, etc.

Michael served as project artist for St. Brigid of Kildare Church, Dublin, Ohio where among other works he executed a large apse mural in the church's main sanctuary, and designed over 1200 sq. ft. of stained glass windows.

Michael's work may be found in the permanent collections of the Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio, Schumacher Gallery, Capital University, Columbus, Ohio; Catholic Diocese of Columbus; Swope Museum of American Art, Terre Haute, Indiana; Elzay Gallery, Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio and over 400 private and corporate Collections. Since 1986 the Keny Galleries has exclusively represented McEwan in Ohio.

Michael retains his Artist-in-Residence position at Capital University while teaching painting classes. Recently, he completed a commissioned monumental portrait in oil, The Young Martin Luther, for the permanent collection of Capital University. Twelve of his large panoramic landscapes will be featured in a one-person exhibition at the Columbus Cultural Art Center late next fall.

Review of September, 2010 Exhibition:

Columbus Dispatch, The (OH)

Varied influences evident in strong landscapes

By Amy Davis For The Columbus Dispatch  

Published: Sunday, September 12, 2010
Edition: Home Final
Section: Features - Life & Arts
Page: 6E

The romantic majesty of the landscape is highlighted in the painted scenes of land and sea at Keny Galleries. Michael McEwan is most obviously influenced by impressionism. His brushstrokes are painterly and broad, his colors unflinching and free. He focuses on liminal times of day, in the periods of dawn and dusk, and the strange cast of those in-between periods is clear in his paintings.

 In particular, works such as Sunset the 4th of July/Hoover Reservoir evokes that impressionist style. Clouds are touched with the pink haze of twilight, the shoreline trees dark on the shimmering water. The painting, measuring 5 by 4 feet, seems both spiritual and massive.

 Yet, increasingly in this show, it's clear that McEwan has other influences, including the landscapes of George Inness, the Arts and Crafts movement, and the Hudson River school, among others.

 Of the artist's recent explorations in his landscapes, said Tim Keny, co-director of Keny Galleries: "We see him delving into the under-painting and the subtle brushwork of artists like Inness." Keny also noted the exploration of "flat patterning, tonal ranges and really elegant design."  

August Morning/Mist in the Pasture has a distinct feel of Japanism through the flat boldness and design of the canvas. The sun hangs low in the sky, reflected on collected rainwater in the field. Perspective is maintained, yet it is reduced to almost a flat surface, yielding a sense of otherworldliness.

 Olentangy River South of Delaware/Fall Sundown is a large painting that captures the openness and vastness that the Midwest still embodies.

 Town in the Valley/June is entirely different. Though still a landscape, it focuses on the lift and dimensionality of the clouds. The painting has a Cezanne-esque geometry, the palette far more yellow than usual for McEwan.

 Each painting inhabits its own style, allowing its subject to be expressed eloquently.

 * "Michael McEwan: Recent Landscapes and Riverscapes" continues through Oct. 4 in Keny Galleries, 300 E. Beck St. Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays. Call 614-464-1228 or visit www.keny galleries.com.
Photo : Olentangy River South of Delaware/Fall Sundown by Michael McEwan
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